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We would like to thank you for showing an interest in our business. It is the second most flattering compliment we could receive; the first one being the compliments we receive from our customers. Let's discuss Franchising...


After much time and research we are now ready to begin franchising The Waffle Cabin. Thank you all for your patience since we got the word out. It was essential for us to know that we were taking the right steps for your sake and ours. Once we sell you a franchise it is not just our money and livelihood that is at stake, but also yours.


There are two factors that are of utmost importance to franchising our concept:


(1) Ours is a seasonal business, a franchisee will need to make a substantial income in 3 to 4 months time. This may not happen in the first season but positive results are integral shortly thereafter.


(2) We operate in a relatively small niche market, that being ski resorts in the Northeast - a fairly limited market.


Our operation in ski resorts is a proven success. Now we're looking to take the next step and not only franchise in ski resorts but also in traditonal retail locations.


If you would to take the next step please contact our Franchise Executive, George Stoddard, or fill out the inquiry form below.


If you haven't already please send us your 'complete' information below.


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